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I can get the beat into Freestyler but the response of the two lights I've used so far has been poor. Writing and modifying the fixture files might be critical, however some lights might be better than others when controlled in this way. What kind of DMX lights work well in this kind of set up? Inviato Wed 30 Aug 17 pm. What are they? Make and model. What exactly have you programmed into Freestyler to run when VDJ sends the tempo info? Neither respond well to the beat.

I had to create a fixture file for the latter. I'm just getting ready to try an Acme Mirrage but I need to write my own fixture file yet again. Thanks for the information in advance. Sorry, there is no jumper to do this modification. You need an soldering iron and a short wire. I lifted pins 2 and 3 of the RS transciever, shorted them together and the system started working perfectly. I bought mine from Aliexpress. It must be a little different.

uDMX512 Instalacion y Utilizacion

Maybe this will help others in the future. The one on dealextreme seems to work out of the box… i will remove the aliexpress link.

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Thanks for your help. I just ordered two from Dealextreme. I tried a different approach. I am writing a guide on how to fix these non-working adapters. Just got two from Dealextreme and they both work out of the box. Thanks again for this tutorial Steven! Hi, I bought the RS from ebay, connected to computer, red power led illuminates, installed Freestyler and blue led flashes rapidly.

I have now fixed the problem, I too had to remove pin 2,3 and tie to Vcc. Now works fantastic…. I cant get this to control my light fixture, I have the Stage ape Phoenix Scanners only 4 Channels I have tried Freestyler, and I have tried a few others, I am trying Q light Controller now but I cant get it to talk to my light I have the scanner set up correctly in the fixture editor….

Gah, This is killing me. I cant seem to figure it oiut.. I have tried it with my Galaxian Sky Laser as well. I cant get no control what so ever.. I really need tomthank you Steven! Thank u a lot! Hello Everyone! I fixed board, but i have a little problem! First chanel mising. Each unit responds from 2 to channel…no first channel!?

I tried a second brand name interface and everything is OK. I have read all the information and comments with great intrest as I plan to make my own. I just have one question. I have found this product on the internet. Would it be able to be used instead by just connecting a xlr to the 3 correct wires making a neat all in one solution?

QLC+ 4.12.1

Has anyone been able to confirm if this controller will work with Artemis bridge simulator? I bought two of the boards from deal extreme sku I hope these are the right ones and will work out of the box. Hi, i got a converter with FTDI chip..

DMX USB Pro: the industry standard for DMX USB interface | ENTTEC

It may be your board, you should tried any of the Fixes? There is also a second guide with an ethernet cable, this dongle seems to work out of the box. First off, Great Guides, this is perfect for people moving from consoles to PC software. Very weird problem, have you tried connecting the dmx adapter to a Powered USB hub? Thanks for the response.

Freestyler Usb To Dmx512 Interface

I have tried all of what you suggested except the ferrite bead isb cable. I will try that when I get back. But everything is on its own circuit. Thanks again. Ok, so I tried a couple of usb cables with ferrite beads. The rgb lights still stop responding however now, the single pars will continue with whatever signal it was receiving before opening the other software; and the 4bar will turn off the start flashing all white.

With this consistent change, does that suggest a frequency problem in my signal? But then again, the 4play effects lights are not experiencing an issue. This is weird indeed. Oh and the same behavior happens with and without the terminator at the end of the chain. Any new thoughts with this new information?

I messed around a little more, just trying different things, and it just throws me off. When clicking through folders, they flicker. Could be dodgy cable? Microphone cables are not NOT!? The frequency is very high MHz range for a clean square wave. Thanks for chiming in. I am using DMX cable.


But the cables work just fine when the lights are being controlled by a DMX Console. I used wire from a Cat5e cable, About 2 and a half inches, twisted like you suggested. Hi Steven! I bought the board from Dealextreme.

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The board worked out of the box, but unfortunately it sends the DMX protocol in a peculiar way. I tried the suggested fixes — the board stopped working at all. Any suggestions? Sorry to bother you again. After I tried again the second soldering modification the board started working properly! Thank you for this amazing DIY project! Freestyler sees the adaptor. Now my question, my adaptor has usb and other side a 9 pin connector. Am i right if i try with the pins 2 received Data, 3 Transmit data and pin 5 Signal Ground? I think i have to use pin 3, 5 and 7. So i got some signals out. It lights up and sometimes it flickers.

But no color changing or dimming. Now i figured out that i can change some Coulours. But totally crazy reactions. All Faders change all coulours. I Think there must something be incorrect with the Signal i get out. I No Use the Pins 3, 5, 7. If i Turn 3 and 7 no Signal goes out. If I Use Pin 2 and 3 also no Signal goes out.