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You can also select multiple columns to hide using the Shift and Ctrl keys. In our example, we hid column B , so the lettered headings jump from A to C. To unhide a column in Excel, click on the thin double line to select it. Then, right-click on the selected double line and select Unhide. There are two ways to move or copy a column. You can drag and drop the column or use the Cut or Copy commands on the ribbon or the right-click menu.

Just got a request in my department for us to move a column in an Excel doc.

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Just to move a single column in an Excel doc. To move a column, select the column you want to move.

Then, move your mouse over the left or right border of the column not the column heading until the cursor becomes the move pointer, which is a plus icon with arrows. Drag the column to the new location.

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To copy a column, use the same method, but press Ctrl while moving the mouse over the border of the column. Select the column you want to move or copy and click the Cut button or the Copy button right below the Cut button in the Clipboard section of the Home tab.

You can also right-click on the selected column and select Cut or Copy. Then, select the column to the right of where you want to move or copy the selected column.

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The standard column width in Excel is 8. But the actual width that you see on the screen varies, depending on the width of the font used in your workbook. To quickly find out the width of a column, put the mouse over the right border of the column header.

The width in characters is shown as well as the width in pixels. You can change the width of a column by entering in a new number for the width or by dragging the column border.

Select Only the Visible Cells with Alt+;

To set the width of a column to a specific value, select the column you want to change. Then, right-click on the column and select Column Width. Under Cell Size , select Column Width. Because of the way Excel determines column width, you may have to experiment with different numbers to get the width you want. Using the mouse to make a column wider or narrower might be easier.

Hold the Shift key and drag and drop the column. Thanks for this article, useful but I'm missing one piece; How can I select rows starting from "42" to the end of the sheet so I can hide them followed by select column "R" to the end where I can then hide them..

How to Hide Cells in Excel for Mac OS X

Crosswalk for shortcuts I have found most useful Delete rows or columns: Ctrl K becomes Ctrl - Blank Cell contents: Ctrl B becomes Fn Delete Too bad Microsoft doesn't provide an alphabetical or sortable maybe in a spreadsheet?! Thanks for your contribution.

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