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Can you help? Unfortunately, that means one more dongle and business expense if you decide to go with a portable hardware license storage approach.

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You can store your license right on your computer. The only exception is our thEQ family of equalizers. The reverse may not be true as we require the current generation of CmStick. I already have a CodeMeter dongle. Previous model dongles lack the memory space in the firmware to store the new Wibu framework that we use. What is CodeMeter Control Center? What is a CodeMeter CmContainer?

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There are also virtual containers called CmActLicenses. A CmActLicense represents the software—based variant of CodeMeter protection and licensing technology.

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With virtual containers, licenses and the keys responsible for encrypting and decrypting are saved to a CmActLicense license file which is cryptographically safeguarded and signed. This virtual CmContainer is unique and bound only to a specific computer or device. This ensures that CmActLicense licenses are valid only for the identified computer or device and are not transferable. The license inside the container can be moved or parked. How many license activations do I have? We assume that you backup your computer and can recover your Product Key s , which are your proof of purchase.

Without Product Keys, we cannot re—activate your license. Note that your license can be moved from host to host, as well as to or from a dongle.

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Obviously, a dongle-based license can be moved around very quickly and easily, while a host-based license involves a fair amount of manipulation, up to the cloud then down to another host, to move it. See the next question below for more information. I need to move my license from one machine to another, or I need to re—build my host computer. How do I move or store my license? If multiple license entries are displayed, make sure the correct or desired license is selected. How many machines are included in my license? Our trial licenses are only file—based and are also one per machine.

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  6. See the previous questions above for more information. How can I remove Wibu license support from my system? To remove this software, please follow these instructions: Download the CodeMeter User Runtime.

    Pleasurize Music Foundation TT Dynamic Range Meter v, end the loudness war now!

    Current versions of the CodeMeter User Runtime are available at: In the rare case where you do not have administrative privileges, then re—log in as an administrative user. Run the CmUninstall.

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    7. Enter your administrative password when prompted. What Wibu software is installed on my host computer, and can I stop those processes? It is clearly visible at all times and easily removed. The processes are also easily stopped in CodeMeter Control Center. Where do I find answers to other CodeMeter questions not listed here? Maintenance I upgraded from my old Mac to a new one. I also tried creating a new license request and still got an error message. How can I fix this? E—mail support maat. DR was no longer available for foobar plugin well you can still get the plugin to work but you need to set your clock on your computer back a couple of years- they put an expiration data on it but the offline version is still around.

      I have DR 1. Bemidji, Minnesota, USA. BradOlson , Mar 11, Billy Infinity , smurfer and MC Rag like this.

      MAAT Digital Release Remodeled Version Of The TT Dynamic Range Meter

      You know I swear I hunted high and low for the offline meter about 6 months ago and couldn't find it anywhere. Anyway I'm glad I have it again as I find it really useful. Even the Foobar plugin version is available on the DR database site. SLC, Utah. The foobar plugin is available here: I had the plugin working perfectly on the lastest foobar but this spring my HD died and I had to reinstall everything. Now, I get the expiration notice.

      Dynamic Range Meter (Mac)

      I definitely did not change the date in order to run it. How can I get it working again? You must log in or sign up to reply here.