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SOLVED: Can install 16 GB ram MHz for Mac Mini Mid ? - Mac Mini Mid - iFixit

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Apple Mac mini (Mid 2011)

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Was this answer helpful? Fortunately it is not true. As the test results show, the effect of additional RAM on performance depends on the file sizes you typically work with.

Photoshop is a perfect example of an app that can take advantage of having a large amount of RAM available. It even lets you specify a maximum allowable amount of RAM for the app to use. Otherwise, Photoshop might eat your entire RAM pie, leaving just the crumbs for your other applications. We ran Windows 7 using VMware with a relatively light set of tests.


Virtual machines can require a lot of RAM, but not always. Mathematica was the only other test that saw a speed boost of greater than than 5 percent—but the overall increase on this test was only about 6 percent.

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  • After quadrupling it from 4GB to 16GB, we saw a 6 percent increase. Of our 15 test results, 12 failed to show at least a 5 percent increase in speed when we upgraded our test systems from 4GB to 8GB or 16GB. Below, we list the results for the 12 tests where our systems showed minor or no improvement after we added RAM.

    What is RAM?

    Some test results even seemed to get slightly worse after the RAM upgrades, although this effect is probably due to randomness. If you tend to leave apps open instead of closing them, or if you keep several browser windows open with dozens of tabs in each, adding RAM will probably help your computer run more smoothly. If the reported memory size isn't correct or if your Mac mini repeatedly plays three tones, it may be having trouble recognizing a memory module. If this happens, shut down your Mac mini, verify the module specifications against the requirements for your Mac mini model, and then repeat the memory installation instructions to make sure that the modules are installed correctly.

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    If you still have issues, remove the memory and consult the support information that came with the memory, or contact the vendor who provided the memory. Upgrade or install memory in your Mac mini Learn how to remove or install memory into your Mac mini computer. Before you begin To minimize the possibility of damage to the computer components due to static discharge, it's important to wear an antistatic wrist strap while you work with your computer's memory. Choose your model Mac mini models have different memory RAM installation requirements.

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    Remove the bottom cover Turn off your Mac mini. Disconnect the power cord and all other cables from your Mac mini. Lay your Mac mini upside down on a soft cloth or towel, and then rotate the bottom cover counterclockwise to the unlocked position. Press on the cover to pop up the opposite side, and then remove the cover. Remove the original memory modules Gently spread the clips at the ends of the top memory module just enough to let the free edge pop up.