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Photos can be digital or scanned, and taken with any kind of camera. Hugin supports various output projections including a range of spherical, cartographic, and camera projections. Hugin supports panoramas taken with multiple rows of photos, with or without bracketing. Bracketed photos can be handheld, taken using a DSLR bracketing function, or as consecutive panoramas shot at different EV exposure levels. Hugin can produce successful panoramas shot with cameras that always shoot using auto-exposure and auto-whitebalance. Enfuse is an open-source command line utility that can accomplish focus stacking, although it more typically is used for exposure fusing.

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The underlying algorithm selects pixels out of a stack of images based upon specific selection criteria. The main three criteria are exposure, contrast, and saturation. If you weight exposure as the main selection criteria, you get exposure fusing. If you select contrast as the main selection criteria, you get focus stacking. You will also want to select hard masking. However, enfuse only does the fusing of the stack.

It does not do alignment of the stack. In addition, there are many GUI front-ends that can invoke both command line tools together for you to perform either focus stacking or exposure fusion.

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I used the 30 day trial of Zerene Stacker, and contemplate buying a student or personal license. It works extremely well and can handle a large stack of images on my limited system memory. It exceeds the stacking I could do in Photoshop alone in both speed and number of photos stacked. Combine ZP is free and very good.

Download and instructions here. There's also some good info here. Edited by Pirate - 08 July at Fluidr Airplane-Pictures RedBubble.

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Many of these specialized tools have terrible UI and does not integrate well in other software packages. But if your after focusing stacking for macro beyond you don't have much choice.

Astrophotography with Mac OS X

I'v used focus stacking in CS not for macro for product shots and it works far better then the dedicated tools in terms of speed and UI. Alex H - thanks ever so much for the suggestions, really appreciate your detailed input. Could well be tempted to invest once the free trial ends. Forgot your password?

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More Useful Features Of Helicon Focus Being able to use the various sliders radius and smoothing as well as the different rendering methods is fantastic and usually produces great results. Negatives Of Helicon Focus This whole review has been very positive thus far, but as with anything, there are some negatives.

The Million Dollar Question. Is It Worth It? Tags Focus Stacking product photography focus stacking software helicon focus how to focus stack photography technique focus stack. Max Bridge Max began his career within the film industry. After suffering a back injury, Max left the film industry and is now using his knowledge to pursue a career within photography.

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Helicon Focus Stacking vs Photoshop Stacking

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