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Producers Guild of America Award. Satellite Awards [60]. Captain Pham Ngoc Luy. The generator room is submerged in water. I thought Chief engineer Phi had reported that to you.

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Phi looked haggard, and his face and clothing were stained with grease. He reported that while the ship had stayed stationary to allow passengers to board the Clara Maersk, the pump did not operate. Consequently, water spilled into the engine room and paralyzed the generator. Every hour that the pump was not working, water was flowing into the engine room at a rate of tons per hour.

His worries could be seen in his eyes. The ship was sinking and there was no chance that it could run again. After three days without sleep, my nerves were totally wrecked. Every muscle fiber was exhausted. I was sick — physically and emotionally — the sickest I had ever been in my entire life. My country had fallen to the Communists, and my ship was sinking. I felt overwhelmed with responsibility and sorrow, yet I had to keep calm and steady at this hopeless moment.

Could physical fatigue have empowered the mind? How else could I have kept going? According to marine tradition, I was the last person to leave the ship. Truong Xuan was left behind, unattended. I felt a sharp pain in my soul. I bid farewell to my dear ship, the last piece of my country. The sea was calm, not a breeze in the air.

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Our national flag, hanging lifelessly above the deck, appeared as if it were in a state of mourning. The small ship had carried almost 4, of my fellow Vietnamese fleeing the Communist at the last and most painful moment on April 30, Truong Xuan was 93 meters long, 12 meters wide, powered by 1, horsepower and had a loading capacity of tons.

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A cargo boat built in Japan in the late fifties, it had already out-performed its capacities. It had been weighed down with people loaded with worries, anxieties and hope. Now its burden was lifted and its cranes towered in the sky above an indescribably deserted deck. I left the ship that had carried so many happy and sad memories. It had cruised the calm ocean. It had been beaten up by storms. It had helped us escape our country. I tried my best not to shed tears. What would happen to my ship? Where would it end up? Would it sink to the bottom of the sea? What would happen to Vietnam? Where would the people still there end up?

Would my heart sink to the bottom of the sea? It best describes the loss of a homeland that only a refugee can know. The words Viet Nam are those that our descendants all over the world will write in their best hand. Viet Nam is not a land rich, not as fertile as America with her amber waves of wheat.

Viet Nam, my land, is a small and modest country. It leans against the Asian continent and it faces the ocean. However, despite its smallness and modesty, it has weathered so many misfortunes. And now, Viet Nam, my land, my country, is just like this song lyric, it will be the last two words we say before we die.

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The words Truong Xuan are those that our descendants all over the world will write in their best hand. Truong Xuan, our ship, was not as famous and noble as the Queen Elizabeth. Truong Xuan, our ship, was not as grand and elegant as the ship La France. Truong Xuan, our ship, was just a small cargo ship and was just as modest as our country. Despite having a small identity, our ship had carried with it greatness that would be spread all over the world.

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  • Our ship had brought along with it a piece of Viet Nam. Like Viet Nam, Truong Xuan, the ship had faced many threats.