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Typing Chinese in Gmail (Google's Web IME) | Sinosplice

The simplified chinese is the equavalent with less strokes. Simplified Chinese is used in China, Singapore and Malaysia. If you are learning Chinese mandarin, I would advise to stick to the simplified chinese. Most of the text is similar and once you master simplified chinese, picking up traditional chinese would be easier than For simplified chinese, the most popular way of chinese entry is using pinyin, meaning construction of word by Sound.

This pinyin uses english alphabets and sounds to construct chinese words. Many people learning chinese often use pinyin but there has not been enough emphasis on the tones.

Typing Chinese in Gmail (Google’s Web IME)

Its like accents in european languages. Don't let the all-Chinese download page or installer scare you off.

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Just click the big blue button on the right to download it. Here's an English document explaining how to install and use Google Pinyin :.

Most Chinese input methods are compound-aware, meaning that it will use its knowledge of Chinese words to offer you the most likely combination of characters. Some input methods, such as Google pinyin, will also allow you to type whole sentences in pinyin.

Wubi IME for Chinese

The input method will then make a guess on which characters you intend to type. A real time saver!

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Whether you're using Windows or Mac, you will follow these three basic steps to get started:. First, activate the keyboards or input methods that you want through the Control Panel:. When using another keyboard layout, open the On-Screen Keyboard to see what characters are associated with each key:.

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Need help? Contact the LRC, or check out the links below for more detailed, step-by-step instructions.

How to install Google Pinyin Input

Library Research Guides. Chinese Language Guide. Turn on the menu that allows you to switch between languages for typing.

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Optional If you are using an input method that involves a non-US keyboard layout e. See the Windows and Mac boxes below for details about how to do this on each system. Click the Keyboards and Languages tab, and then click Change keyboards. Under Installed services, click Add.