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Not too bad though. I want to be able to recombine it on my Windows PC as well as copying it to my external drive. It splits the file itself into parts. It doesn't wrap it in an archive format like RAR before splitting.

If Windows has a program to concatenate the bytes of files into one file then you can use that program to reconstruct the file on Windows. I did this with tar yesterday, for basically the same purpose--backing up a large file to a FAT32 volume. Unfortunately, I could not for the life of me un-tar them on the Windows side of things, with any application I could find including WinRar, which is usually bulletproof.

Is there no simple little program out there that makes this easy? Here 's an example. Using the DOS copy command as mentioned by newwb I combined the files, however, the file was deemed invalid. I zipped the file in Mac OS before splitting it, and then ran unzip in Windows only for it to come back and say it was invalid.

Any suggestions? Or did I do something wrong?

How to split .mkv video files using trichveumankapar.tk

Can you try merging the split pieces with "cat" and see whether the output is the same as the original file? You may have to say "cat [piece 1] [piece 2] You can then use "md5 [file]" on the command line on the original file and the combined file and compare the two results to see whether the output is the same as the original file.

That is what I would normally do, except right now my main box is not situated in a place I can run a fixed wire too, the wireless adaptor I use doesn't have driver support yet under Windows 7. Trim away the second part of the movie file and do a save as to get the first part in a separate file. Re-open the original file and trim away the first part, save as to get the second part in a separate file. I've only been able to try it with a 5 minute long movie, which was quick enough, but I'm unsure of how quickly it'll work with a 2 hour movie.

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The easiest tool would probably be Quicktime 7 Pro. If you prefer a CLI method, take a look at mp4box.

Edit/split/cut/trim/join MKV files

It has a -split option that does what you're describing. Movie Splitter can split your H. A multi-gigabyte split typically takes a minute or two.

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The bulk of the time is spent reading and writing the file. If an application takes longer than a few minutes, it is likely re-encoding your movie. You do not want this because it risks reducing the quality of your split movie files. Please note I wrote Movie Splitter and am likely bias.

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How to edit/split/cut/trim/join/adjust/convert MKV files on Mac?

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Asked 8 years, 8 months ago. Active 3 years, 11 months ago. Viewed 63k times. Not really an answer for the question you asked, but I've found it's quicker to add clips to iMovie by opening the iMovie project bundle and dragging the clip into the Media folder. When next opened, the clip is in the library and can be used, no waiting.


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