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Any time during visit, you can click on show original to see the original content again. Way Back machine is a website which will show you that how a website look in past.

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You just enter the URL of website you want to visit and access blocked sites and select some old date to access that website. You can use the proxy in your web browser and can access blocked sites.

Important update: Freedom now supports desktop whitelisting on our Mac and Windows clients.

You can see the list of proxy sites here Proxy Sites. For this case you can find the IP of the website and open the blocked sites by using website IP address.

To find the IP address of a website go to RUN prompt from your start menu and type cmd and press enter. Now we use the decimal system in place of IP address.

Open Blocked Sites in Office/College/School With Browser Software

Find the IP address of any website as we explained in previous step and then change IP Address to decimal number. By this way you can also get instant access to the blocked sites. You can open the blocked websites with Google Cache. Google always create a fresh cache of the page. When you enter any term in Google for search it will show a small drop down link with the website URL in search result.

A free Mac application to help you avoid distracting websites.

Google will take you to the cache page which recently stored in the Google data base. Web2Mai l is another interesting service by which you can access the blocked sites. You can send a simple e-mail on www web2mail. You can get a return mail from web2mail to read that website in mail.

You can also do many thing with web2mail.

Because they are free many web proxies are loaded with intrusive banner ads and pop-ups, which can ruin your browsing experience. On its homepage which looks very similar to Google, just type the URL you want to view to experience fast, ad-free browsing. If all you want to do is browse FaceBook at school or porn at work, then this service is what you need.

Like Highwayproxy, you simply type in a URL to visit it via the speedy proxy. This is useful if you want to visit a website available only to Americans or only to Britons, and do no live in the respective nation. If you want to unblock websites such as Hulu or the BBC iPlayer, Hola is an extension you might want to consider installing.

Free, fast and extremely easy to set up, Hola is a proxy that works by routing your Internet traffic through the computers of other Hola users. There are dozens of VPN companies and once you start searching for them you will find no end of deals. It can be confusing knowing which one to go for, so what do I use?

It works fine on my Mac, PC and phone, and it unlocks those blocked websites.

There are often brilliant deals on, especially for 1, 2 or 3 years, so take a look. When NordVPN is started, it shows a map of the world. There is a pin in every country that has a VN server.

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Why are there so many pins in Europe? Simply because there are lots of little countries.

A pin is a country and a country can have more than VPN servers. Click a pin on the map and you are connected to a VPN server in that country. It is as simple as that. In the screenshot above I clicked the pin in Canada.

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Open the menu bar at the side and scroll down to the bottom of the items. There is a Server List option. Click it. For example, you might simple want a standar VPN server. At the right side of the app window is a search box and you can type the name of the country you want to connect to.

Setting up Proxy Exceptions | Freedom Help Center

All the servers in that country are then listed and clicking one connects to it. The percentage figure is the server load, so you can see which are becoming busy. It is best to choose one with a low server load.