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MOV and want to upload it to Youtube for sharing. The visitor will not be required to install any special software! Within its options, people can define the control panel position, show or hide the control panel, change control bar style, control panel color, button color, time color, and more. After that, run the program to enter its interface. On the tool bar, there are three options.

Click the first "Add Video" button, a new window will appear, then, select your MOV videos and load them into the program.

Select Output Format: Click "Next" button to go on the next step. Simply pick the one that meets your need. You just need to make sure you check the right box. The programs aren't nefarious in nature so if you accidently install one you can uninstall it without issue. James Kolay. Erick Perez. Zoya Sikdher. So far I have been using Convert. It has such a great interface and does the job in No Time.

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See the problem with that. Is Camtasia drops frames when it records media playing in a media player. For whatever reason I get my best results if the file is stored on my desktop. So, I stored the same file on my desktop, an internal SSD drive, and a high-speed external disk hard drive.

I recorded the same by video twice from each location. The desktop stored video yielded the least dropped frames both times. I went with by to keep it simple. The desktop file dropped between20 and 30 frames. With a third recording reaching 67 frames. The internal SSD dropped between and frames.

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The external HDD drop between and frames. So for no rhyme or reason, the numbers are inconsistent and less than ideal. The two test recordings from each location were roughly 3 minutes and 35 seconds in duration in the video was just shy of 5 minutes long. The final recording had 67 dropped frames. I use the desktop file for the recording. So while it is possible to record a SWF playing to acquire an editable video.

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If the new video will be smooth enough for use. In the video example shown below.

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I put a white dot with a red outline were a lot of the glitches occur. I marked 38 of them. The Camtasia recording is shown above and the original video is shown below. Some of the glitches are easy to spot and some of them are not. I have clients that expect perfection from me. The glitches produced by this technique would not be tolerated by my clients. I intentionally used the best recording of the lot to point out the problems. So the bottom line, the best thing to do is convert your videos to MP4 using a video converter.

The ways to do that are numerous and you can Google that online. Powered by Get Satisfaction.

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New Post. Home Categories About. Sign In Register. I have a Pro Screencast account and Jing. I am trying to use Jing to create mp4 video's instead of SWF files.

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Is this possible? How can I save those as mp4 files? Brett Emil 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. All 25 Replies Popular. Hey Bret, Unfortunately, Jing isn't able to produce video in mp4. SWF is the only format it will create video in. If you current videos are already in SWF, you can convert those by importing them into Camtasia Studio, than produce the video out in whatever format you wish. View previous….

Rick Stone Posts Reply Likes. Jing's big brother SnagIt records directly in MP4.

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The SnagIt recommendation doesn't do any good because it too is a Paid Application Charlotte Wu 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. Maybe you can try Free HD Video Converter Factory which supports to convert video s and audios with original quality and fast speed. I always use this program to convert my videos and audios. But i haven't tried. Brian Jordan 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. Are you able to play the SWF? If so, perhaps consider playing it and record it using the Camtasia Recorder as it plays. Submit Cancel. You can use a swf video converter to do this conversion. I saw lots of swf converter.

Jimmy Johnsontester 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. Sadly, so many of these "free conversion" apps and websites come with unwanted spyware, malware and the like. Leon Williamson 2 Posts 0 Reply Likes.

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