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I spent a couple hours on this, but sadly, nothing worked. So I'm really hoping that someone here has some idea what's going on. This experience has really been disheartening. I just bought these computers this year, and they failed at something so basic. At this point, I would be satisfied just to see an error message telling me why cmd-F2 doesn't work.

Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Mavericks Edition by David Pogue

I mean, if I try to eject a disk that has files that are currently in use, it will tell me why it can't eject right now. But with this, I'm completely in the dark. It's so frustrating! I have found that Target Display Mode will work, but only if I do command-f2 from the login screen. After logging in, the command does nothing. Hope this helps someone! To mute the sound or adjust volume levels, on the iMac, use the F10, F11 and F12 keys to mute, decrease and increase the volume, respectively.

Whilst the iMac is in Target Display Mode, displaying the video received from the Mac mini, you will still need to use the iMac keyboard to perform these functions. Target Display Mode is a useful yet little often used feature available on Macs.

Provided that you have the right cable, Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt, for the correctly-equipped Macs, it is possible to share the excellent screen of your iMac with another Mac. This can be a really useful feature, especially when you do not have a spare screen available for a Mac mini. Let me know of your experiences and uses for Target Display Mode in the comments, below. Save Now. Subscribe Sign In.

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  • Using an iMac as a Monitor in Target Display Mode;

Web Design. Game Development. Computer Skills. Learning Guides. Computer Skills Mac. Mac Hardware Displays. Target Display Mode Explained Target Display Mode is a feature that allows you to use the display of an iMac to view the screen output from a second, external, Mac. Command F2 switches the display between the iMac video ouput and that of the Mac mini. Cancelling Target Display Mode There are a number of different ways to exit the Target Display Mode that is displaying, in my example, the video output of the Mac mini to the iMac.

Johnny Winter. Feed Like Follow Weekly email summary. Powered by. Looking for something to help kick start your next project? Same problem. That option will only come up if the broadcasting computer can sense the iMac as a second monitor.

You Can Use Your Old iMac as a Monitor

All I ever get a black screen. Seems like the graphics card on the model is hit and miss. We both have misses. My problem is that if I switch to TDM the sound out changes to internal speakers.

macOS: How to Turn Your iMac into a Secondary Display

After command F2 it set sound out to internal speakers. How do I report this bug to Apple? I plugged the mini display cable on both and did not work. I dont know if the cable is working or it cant be done between imac and mac pro.

Any idea on how to change the keyboard shortcut for switching? Can i use it as a dual monitor? Just dont daisy chain more than once. I actually fixed my problem by replacing the cable with one I bought from Apple. Expensive but works fine, it seems they are very sensitive about the cable, not all MiniDP cables are equal.

Converting to HDMI in the middle sounds unlikely to work. Belkin cords are quality and Apple says it will work. Yet no response. I agree, the cord issue is the most likely culprit. Thanks for the advice, Im off to the Apple store!

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Thats after I hung out on the phone waiting for the person to pick up for 23mins. There goes the phone bill, so I walked in. So I found a male to male MDP 1. Just the iMac is very sensitive as to what signal is being sent and on what cable.