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Zanna This wont work if the trash is somewhere else.

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Using, e. Sensitive system folders and files cannot be removed without privileges, and rm cannot remove folders at all, unless you give it the -r or equivalent option. However using rm without proper care may case loss of lost of important personal files, especially if used with wildcard arguments. I don't really know what specific shells don't support it, but you should understand that tilde is implemented not on file system level, but on the level of application. With trash-cli installed, you can do trash-empty more interesting details about trash handling: That won't work out of the box though, and requires the installation of trash-cli.

Yes, but it's the correct answer. If you have an USB stick in, for example, the files you trash in it will be put in an hidden directory in the root of the device at least it happened last time I checked. So sad that you have to install a package just to empty the trash. Counting the trash against the disk space is one of the most annoying features of Ubuntu.

How To Force Empty Trash On Your Mac

Michael "Trash" is a feature provided by the desktop manager, which is a layer above the stuff that you would usually use in the command line. Really all it does is move files into a hidden folder on the same device, and store some metadata so they can be put back into place if the user would like. You don't actually reclaim any space until you "empty" the trash, which is when the file is actually deleted. It should be noted that this command is user specific. I installed it and was scratching my head about why it wasn't working til I realized the files were in the trash of another user.

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Braiam Braiam 52k 20 How did you get that? Jobin is all in the specification. Braiam Can you please elaborate more?

Empty Trash Through Terminal - Apple Community

How can I use it? I am not getting how it is solving my purpose. Please explain a little bit. And I don't want to trash the items, I want to empty the trash. You only need to run it. The binary is in the trash-cli package. Is the same as jhort solution just that I explain where it comes from and offer another tool. Now gio trash --empty , at least on Ubuntu Rainsberger Feb 14 at With trash-cli installed type trash-empty to install trash-cli type sudo apt-get install trash-cli.

How to Force Empty the Trash on Mac 2016! Remove Stuck Files!

Thank god we back up regularly! Lost your password?

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  6. Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Empty the trash via the command line Aug 12, '01 Opera was crashing on me constantly, so I decided to trash my Opera preferences. Little did I know until I was emptying the trash that my Opera prefs folder contained 38, items! After waiting for about 10 minutes, I still had 35, items left to empty. I decided to bail out and do it from the command line, where it took approximately 15 seconds!

    Trash folder did the trick. If you're new to the terminal, be very careful with the 'rm' command.

    There is no going back, and there's no confirmation by default. Although this won't be fast, you'll be confident you're deleting the right files before they're all gone! A wise friend once said to me that there are two types of UNIX users Empty the trash via the command line 3 comments Create New Account.

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