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Comix stopped development a few years back, and MComix has been updated with a few new tricks, bug fixes, and stability improvements. The reader was designed to handle sequential images in a simple interface that works really well for comic books.

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All of the pages run down the left side of the screen, and a large pane on the right shows you the current page. MComix is lightweight, free, open-source, and gets the job done. Some package managers already include Comix, so installing it may be a terminal command away on your Linux system. Windows users can just fire up the installer and go. MComix was a pretty popular nominee, with a few of you highlighting the fact that it's the natural continuation of one of the best comic readers available, and it's a great image viewer for other types of files and folders as well.

Simple and lightweight, and multifunctional, so you can use it even when you're not reading comics. You can read more in its nomination thread here. The only Chome app in the roundup, Astonishing Comic Reader is actually cross-platform and works just about everywhere Chrome does.

ComicNerd is a Best-in-Class Reader for Mac

There's also a Windows 8 app , but those of you who nominated Astonishing Comic Reader specifically called out the Chrome app. Astonishing Comic Reader also has an Android app , which also has Chromecast support so you can read your comics on virtually any screen, large or small. Plus, it's completely free, and ad-free. Those of you who nominated Astonishing Comic Reader specifically highlighted the fact that it's ideal if you want to read comics on a computer where you can't install anything, like a work computer or you're using a locked-down account, but a Chrome extension is okay.

One of you specifically mentioned that you carry your comics on a USB drive and like to read at work, but can't install a heavier comic reader.

You also mentioned that both apps remember your place, and can open comics stored in cloud storage services or on local media. Read more praise in its nomination thread. MangaMeeya hasn't been updated in a while, but it's still a great option for Windows users looking for a great comic reader.

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The reader is and has been maintained by fans at Manga Underground, although its origins are a little mysterious. Regardless of where the original utility was born, the program works especially well for manga fans, who often have to deal with translation notes and often read from right to left the way the original manga is published. That isn't to imply that MangaMeeya is only good for manga.

The app is a great comic reader and image viewer for all images, and allows you to read multiple pages at once, customize key commands to browse images, and works just fine as a sequential image viewer even if you're not reading comics or manga. It supports all of the common file types and archives, with a focus on building up an extensive and well-organized library of personal comics.

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The application will automatically fetch tags and issue data from the ComicVine database, and those who are keen on sharing with friends can install the UI-free server version to remotely host comics on iOS. The application is available on Windows in both installer and portable flavors, plus bit macOS and various Linux distro versions. Double-tapping the F button will switch from standard fullscreen view to a minimalist windowed look—good for reading while you keep an eye on something else on your computer.

YacReader for Mac

It also functions as the most feature-rich viewer when used as a pure file manager. Though it supports all the common archive formats and includes the usual bells and whistles like double-page display and right-to-left reading, it does so with a minimal interface that will make you nostalgic for a Steve Jobs software demo.

The super-simple interface offers one- or two-page views with standard or right-to-left reading, with the fullscreen option controlled by the browser itself. The Simple Comic Reader lets you enjoy the Manga and comics as they are to be enjoyed with its features like —. Thus, you need to have Java 6 runtime installed on your system for it to work.

Top 10 Best CBR Readers For MAC You Can Use

Considering, that Java 6 is out-dated, and has some security issues. Incase, if you have any queries or know of such better app, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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