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Don't panic. All of your apps are fully executable directly off of your external drive. As long as it stays plugged into your Mac, you still have easy access to everything. The difference now is that your hard drive is clean, allowing the disc to read and write less, and reduce search times.

Some apps, such as Final Cut Pro X, have set file destinations to auto save files, exports, cache, etc.

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  7. If you have any apps like this, you must change the file location or it will continue to write files to your hard drive, even if the application runs off of a separate drive. Every program is different, but what I'm looking for here, in Final Cut Pro, is something that tells me that things are going to be saved or recorded to a certain folder on my hard drive. I found that it was saving my Library backups to a folder called FCB on my internal hard drive.

    I switched that over to my external drive so all the files that back up from this point on will stay off of my computer's internal drive. Applications don't have to be your only focus when switching over to an external drive. They usually take up the most memory on a system, but you do have other options to switch over as well, such as music, photos, videos, notes, documents Pages documents, Word documents, etc.

    All these things take up space, thus resulting in an inevitable slow down. But, if we take the right steps, we can figure out ways to prevent it.

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    My Mac still runs like it did day one, and I plan on keeping it that way. Everything was fine except iTunes. Won't open the App itself, just opens the menu bar- so I would be forced to either make my iTunes Library one giant playlist so I could import it, or do it one song at a time because that is the only option it gives. So guess I am stuck with iTunes being on the MacBook drive, instead of the external. It may have something to do with the GDrive not being able to be "authenticated". I can over-ride it but maybe the GDrive still doesn't recognize the App.

    In the third section, where you say "we're not going to delete the applications off of your computer's internal hard drive. It makes no sense otherwise, and confused the hell out of me at first. Hi - this is really helpful, thanks.

    can u install games to external hard drives?

    Just about to buy a new Mac and want some info which might help me not spend more than I need to I was wondering whether you can move preinstalled programs like GarageBand, etc. I realise it probably won't with iTunes, but the more I can shift off that I wouldn't use that often, the better Great article, thanks so much! I plan to do this tonight! One question, is there a way to move the apps within iTunes?

    I have all of my music and videos saved to my external drive, but there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to save the apps elsewhere.

    Installing Mac games on external HD

    Any advice? My Mac hard drive has a lot of movies and photos taking up the most space. If I move these to external drive, will this speed up the Mac? Seagate Slim 1 TB per your instructions! FelipeInside buy a new one. How so? And if I really wanted, and wasn't lazy I could free up plenty of space, but until I see a performance hit, I'm not gonna waste my time filling my old gb hdd. Inconsistancy Page File and various other processes.

    Load times and viruses have nothing to do with how full your HDD is. There is a big article on Microsoft. I'm just saying how Windows works and what it needs.

    can u install games to external hard drives? - PC/Mac/Linux Society - GameSpot

    I've seen even servers have trouble when the HDD got full. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. He doesnt know much about computers so he doesnt want to add a hard drive. Inconsistancy Follow Forum Posts: Inconsistancy How slow are we talking here? Downloading a benchmark to cross check results vs mine.

    go to site FelipeInside Follow Forum Posts: Tell him best way is to upgrade his HDD or add another one USB 3. Gamerz Follow Forum Posts: Basic games like WoW and Starcraft run just fine off a flash drive, which would run about as fast as most modern external hard drive. Inconsistancy Some games load from the HDD as you play I've seen it happen mostly in big RPGs Zlark Follow Forum Posts: Yes, you can defineatly play games off an external HDD.

    A few days back I ran out of space on my "C" drive while installing Fallout: So far I've played it for 5 hours and haven't faced any kind of issues. DigitalExile Follow Forum Posts: In short, yes you can, but they may stop working unexpectedly for some silly reasons. Ahhh of course, laptop I see. There are GB laptop hard drive these days, isn't there?

    Treflis Follow Forum Posts: FelipeInside Huh, I keep having to prune my 1tb hdd Inconsistancy, you know that having a HDD that full is bad for Windows right? And if I really wanted, and wasn't lazy I could free up plenty of space, but until I see a performance hit, I'm not gonna waste my time filling my old gb hdd Page File and various other processes. At least try and use an eSATA drive.

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    4. FelipeInside How so? Clearly nothing vital for games, or videos requires an absurd